Immigrants and Refugees in Art Therapy: A Cross- sectional Survey of Art Therapy Services

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Ahmady, Nazanin
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
Within the time frame of the current generation , two historical circumstances are converging. First, the art therapy profession is evolving and, secondly, immigration and refugee numbers have been increasing daily. With respect to this correlation, the present study will involve an internet survey to be completed by professional art therapists The purpose of this study is to find what therapeutic settings, theoretical orientations, materials, and therapeutic techniques have been successfully utilized in art therapy with immigrants and refugees. The study employs a qualitative methodology using an internet survey with objective questions and comment/essay box (write in) questions. The results suggest that immigrants/refugees struggle with issues of acculturation and that a variety of art therapy materials and techniques will prove effective in helping them cope with these challenges. The resulting data might then be taken into account by art therapists to further improve services in this area. Thus, this study will add to the current body of literature surrounding immigrants and refugees.