Horse as Whisperer

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Wehinger, Jennifer
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
The goal of this project is to present a range of perspectives regarding horses, including current issues surrounding wild mustangs of Colorado. This project also explores how horses, nature and animals have had a very distinct, communicative and touching role in my ability to be present in the world. These deeper, personal connections to wilderness and horses are explored by looking at four topics. (1) The historical background of wild horses in America. (2) The current issues and case studies surrounding a wild horse range in Colorado. (3) Various viewpoints on domestication, as well as the contemporary uses and training methods of horses. (4) Descriptions of experiences and metaphors concerning eco-psychology. I have also included a compilation of spiritual reflections, poetry and art that has arisen from these explorations and studies. The nature of this project is experiential and has taken on an unfolding quality. It is an introspective study of how I relate to the world and the role that horses have had throughout numerous changes in my personal worldview; as well as an overview of historical and cultural perspectives on horses.