Creating a Working Succession Plan for a Nonprofit Organization

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Roberts, Emilee
Master of Leadership Development
Succession planning is used in nonprofit organizations as a process to develop and identify key people with the potential to fill leadership positions within the organization. Succession plans are normally created by a team of board members, the incoming and outgoing Executive Directors, and key staff within the organization. There are times that succession plans require the help of individuals outside of the organization, such as a nonprofit consulting team to provide advice for the organization. Succession plans provide a guide for the organization to use as leadership gradually changes, or there is a sudden change in directors. Lack of a succession plan often leaves nonprofit organizations in a bind. By having a succession plan in place within nonprofit organizations, it allows the members, board, and organization to be prepared for changes in leadership. The research conducted discovered that both Executive Directors, as well as board members of nonprofit organizations find succession planning to be useful, but lacking in their organization. By conducting this research, it allowed information to be shared about how succession planning could help nonprofit organizations, and the result was the development of a working succession plan for Girls Incorporated of Jefferson County.