Moe's Welding, LLC Business Plan

dc.contributor.authorMosier, Lindsey
dc.description.abstractMoe's Welding, LLC (MW) delivers portable MIG and ARC welding services; providing 24 hour professional welding to individuals and businesses seeking welding services throughout Indiana. Our clients are traditional farmers, artistic hobbyist, businesses (mines, tractor restoration shops, vehicle/motorcycle modification shops, wind energy farm owners, bowling alleys, etc...), and the everyday steel product consumer. Welding is an essential function of the U.S. Domestic Product. While there are currently four identified competitors within the local welding industry only one offers similar repair opportunities and that welding servicer does not offer 24 hour availability nor does it boast certification of all employed welders. Jeremiah Mosier, Owner of Moe's Welding, LLC is proud to have received and continually maintain American Welding Society Certification. Moe's Welding, LLC's marketing strategy and budgeting will be instrumental to the potential success of this company. The management of Moe's Welding, LLC will be executed by the MW managing partner, Lindsey Mosier who will complete a Master's degree in Leadership Development with a focus in Organizational Leadership in September 2012. Lindsey also possesses approximately 9 years of professional service sales experience. Both Lindsey and Jeremiah's grandfathers were fairly successful entrepreneurs in different service driven industries. Together, the owner and managing partner have invested approximately $9,000 to establish the foundation for this start-up company. At this time, they are not seeking to receive any financing but will continue to examine financing needs as the business develops. Already, Moe's Welding, LLC has partnerships with an Indiana logging company and has received individual welding job requests. The flexibility and affordability of MW services to individuals and business owners will appeal to those seeking welding services.
dc.subjectBusiness Planning
dc.titleMoe's Welding, LLC Business Plan
dc.type.degreenameMaster of Leadership Development
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