Women's Soccer in Morocco: Barriers and Action Plan

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Tizaf, Abdessamad
Master of Leadership Development
Women around the world continue to face many challenges due to male-dominated perceptions and gender expectations. This is even more intense in cultures and countries that are primarily male-dominated (Lekchiri, Crowder, Schnerre, & Eversole, 2019). In the Moroccan context, soccer is the heart and soul of an entire nation, it is however, known as and considered a male sport. Very few females participate in the sport due to the challenges ahead of them, mainly the lack of funding and support available to develop women's soccer in Morocco compared to the men's soccer teams. The following study constitutes a literature review investigation that is being conducted within the Moroccan context to gain a better understanding of the challenges ahead of women in soccer (Matuska, 2012). Following the literature review, an action plan was drafted to suggest the possible ways the barriers facing women's soccer can be remedied and addressed. As a successful example, the United States women's soccer will be researched to identify the best practices to possibly implement in the Moroccan context. The following paper outlines a summary of the intended research and present the financial budget, impact and marketing strategies to implement interventions geared to increasing women’s participation in soccer through resources to develop the sport. This plan could help the researcher secure funds from the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (RMFF), for the fiscal year 2020-2021.