Healthcare Professional Development Market Analysis

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Boggs, Jordan
Castle, Melanie
Master of Healthcare Administration
The proposed Healthcare Institute of the Wabash Valley serves the purpose of creating professional development opportunities within the healthcare industry of the Wabash Valley, The Healthcare Institute seeks to serve all sectors of healthcare by providing a dynamic curriculum focused on the specific need of the community in which it serves. In order to determine the success of the institute, a feasibility study was conducted by utilizing surveys and conducting interviews while carefully constructing a strategic plan by identifying barriers, environments needed for the institute to thrive, and determining a viable marketing plan. The results of the study indicate that the majority of individuals who work within the healthcare field in this community feel that there is a need for more professional development opportunities and would invest in these opportunities if they were available. By creating a strategic plan, the creators of this institute seek to serve the community by bringing the Healthcare Institute of the Wabash Valley to fruition.