Solutions to Systematic Inequality in Early Education

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Brame, Miracle
Master of Leadership Development
After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there has been extreme eye-opening research and insight into issues relating specifically to education. While there has been a clear deficiency in education overall within the last few decades, early education has been at the forefront of many political discussions in recent years. People are now seeing the importance of early education and the positive effects it has on young children and their development. The biggest issues in early education are funding, equality, affordability, accessibility, and employee wages. The researcher has culminated in current research and information to formulate solutions to the problem. Through research-based approaches and facts, the researcher has created a guided plan to ensure that these deficits are addressed. Not only are they addressed, but solutions are given to correct the current state of early education. There is also a guided list of persons who should participate in the project to cause changes to happen; "world changers". If the action plan is put in place and implemented correctly many states will benefit from this information, but young children and low-income families will gain the most from the action plan.