Students with Chronic Illnesses: Section 504 for Parents and Professionals

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Babb, Tonia Kay
Master of Leadership Development
Because the resources available to parents and educators of students with disabilities are almost exclusively used for students with cognitive disorders, social issues, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities requiring assistive devices, the parents, educators, and administrative personnel that deal with students with chronic illnesses are left with no pathway in which to protect and assure the educational needs students with chronic illnesses are met. Utilizing the information provided by the primary research (Section 504 Resources and Requirements), the definition and depth of the issues involving the individual participant will be realized. Furthermore, a review of information involving students with chronic illnesses, the resources available, and the requirements of the law allows for a better understanding of the challenges within the education process of students with chronic illnesses. The research study and literature review have found that the training of parents and educators about resources available and requirements involving Section 504 laws will allow for greater cooperation between the parents and educators of the students. The research study, information gathering, and creative concepts concerning the Section 504 Law and students with physical disabilities has provided measurable models of thought, which has led to better understanding of the risks involved to the students. The needs of the schools and families has progressed into a program within IN*Source that will provide education and information on the requirements of the Section 504 Law and the resources available. The program created will increase the education and develop the collaboration between parents, educators, and administration personnel. The social knowledge gained by the education strategies will allow for an improved education for students with chronic illnesses. The connections and cooperation between participants will bring about positive change within the education system.