Proposal to Implement Pre-Hiring Personality Testing Within Indiana University Health Arnett

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Rieman, Tara
Master of Leadership Development
Pre-employment questionnaires can help to screen candidates for personality traits which will be desirable for an open position. Instead of relying on phone references, whose names are provided by the candidates themselves, a hiring manager can look at the results of the tests and find the best new hire based on their work ethic, ambition, and how they would fit into the current culture of the workplace. Having the right person in the right job will lead to increased longevity and lower turnover. By being able to keep a person in a position is essential to cutting costs of rehiring and retraining staff, as well as possible unemployment claims. An employee with increased longevity may also learn to be more efficient in their position, and more engaged employee is a more productive and innovative employee. If the right tool is used correctly, Indiana University Health Arnett could find a major benefit from hiri ng with the aid of a proper and effective pre-employment personality test built into its hiring strategy.