Social Justice Curriculum Project: A Curriculum Model for the Eleventh Grade "Religious Perspectives on Faith and Justice”

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Doucette, Richard
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
This project represents the design and implementation of a one semester course addressing social justice issues titled, "Religious Perspectives on Faith and Justice." This course is offered as one component in a four semester religious formation curriculum at an inter-faith Jesuit college preparatory school. Such a course of study in religious education should represent a ministerial focus which concentrates on the three-fold task of communicating information, encouraging formation and witnessing personal transformation. It is within both an institutional as well as an inter-personal framework which continually seeks to develop in each person a positive self-image, an appreciation for the richness of God's creation, the confidence /ability to ask and resolve pertinent questions surrounding human existence and to elicit a response beyond the moral minimum and into the extraordinary that the teaching ministry gains clarity.