A Voice in the Crowd

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Pearison, Christina
Graduate Certificate in Women's Leadership
From Corporate America to academia, to all ranks of government and appointed positions, women are regularly interrupted, talked over, misheard, misperceived, and often just completely ignored, when they speak. Research indicates that there are many different reasons why women are often seen, but not heard. Some of these include physical attributes such as voice pitch and word choices, but more often it is due to inherent social and cultural biases that have yet to be defined and broken. While it is true that women tend to be more soft-spoken, research shows that female voices are more likely to influence negotiations, decisions, and de-escalate confrontations more positively with greater outcomes. This presentation allows you to journey with me over the past eight weeks of education and be a witness to the teachings that has given me the insight and inspiration to create an awakening within myself and the women around me. Within this virtual poster you will be able to see that through strengthening personal development and increasing core competencies, we can identify problems and possible solutions that can be taken to increase voice attention and the importance of not settling to be just another “Voice in the Crowd”.