Leadership Competency Model for Student Leaders

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Moore, Amanda
Master of Leadership Development
When professionals who work on a university campus are asked what they think is the most important skill that students need to learn in college, you are likely to hear them say leadership. In today’s world, companies are looking for employees that demonstrate leadership skills and most of them are hoping that these skills are developed long before they come through their doors (Student Activist Resource Handbook, 2012). Sadly, today there are not many college courses dedicated to leadership development. Because of budget cuts and an emphasis on core curriculum, one often sees fewer leadership courses and more core study courses. Many young adults have to rely on outside organizations to provide students the chance to develop these skills as well as use them in real word situations. In order to address the problem of a lack of leadership development resources for students during their college careers, a leadership competency model will provide a resource manual for young adults currently involved with Campus YMCA’s across America. This manual will be based on the YMCA of USA Leadership Competencies Model. Currently, the YMCA of USA model only has resources and tracks for those already in the work force on a team level, multi-team level and CEO level (YMCA of USA, 2010). In order to answer the call for college students that the YMCA is currently working with I propose to develop a student leader resource manual that will aid in the development of our future leaders for the YMCA movement on a collegiate level.