Dream: Business Proposal

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Matthews, Ayshah
Master of Leadership Development
The lack of upscale nighttime entertainment in Fort Wayne, IN has created the need for an upscale venue targeting the 30 year and older target market. In an effort to fill the void in downtown Fort Wayne and to attract more visitors to the downtown area I have decided to open a night lounge called Dream. The following paper starts by explaining the current situation and the demographics of Fort Wayne and the downtown area. Following that is an explanation of the lounge concept proposed and the research that will be conducted to determine the feasibility of the business venture. The key elements of Dream will then be discussed, followed by an in depth explanation of the products and services the lounge will offer. A market analysis will follow that will identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the lounge. The marketing plan will then illustrate the marketing objectives, target market, marketing mix, and strategy that will help Dream maintain a competitive advantage. The management and personnel plan will be discussed in order to point out the amount of staff and training needed. The final component of the proposal is a financial analysis of start-up costs.