Professional African-American Missionaries: Why They Must Be Prepared To Serve

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Peterson, Monica R.
Master of Leadership Development
The Judeo-Christian "Great Commission," has and continues to be the foundation for individuals who are compelled to serve in the mission field. There have been phenomenal successes but also missed opportunities because those who may be compelled to serve have not always been prepared to serve. This is especially true in the African-American community. Historically, African-Americans have faithfully served in the mission field; however, their numbers have declined in the 20th and 21st centuries. This is not necessarily due to laziness or lack of belief in the cause; but rather, a lack of knowledge in African American missional history, the motivation and support to serve, and training. Engaging and preparing African-American professionals, particularly those actively involved in their local church, could be the catalyst for increasing the numbers of blacks who choose to serve as missionaries. These professionals can, through "marketplace ministry," not only bless the people they serve, but also develop and/or revitalize the economic status of the community served. The leadership project provides a synopsis of the African-American's missional contribution, explains why their contributions are still needed, and a business plan to create an international training center. The training center will target the untapped resource, African-American professionals, with the goal of preparing them for missional service (train the trainer) as well as brokering their services to international businesses interested in learning Western best practices. The plan is functional but the training will be developed specifically for fund-raising professionals. It will also include cross-cultural training for missionaries from any discipline. The plan will be used as a model for developing the other discipline plans as well as a recruiting tool to generate interest in the international training center.