Green Building: A Santa Fe Residential Project for Owners — J. Russell Tyldesley and Elizabeth A. Tyldesley

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Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
In an era where population growth and modern, industrial practices are placing great strains on the earth’s ability to absorb human-induced environmental stresses, it may be useful to consider where a change in direction — a shift in consciousness — can have the most immediate affect and be the easiest to implement, given the political realities inherent in any challenge to orthodoxy, established practices and vested interests. It may, indeed, be difficult to embrace progressive ideas and concepts such as population should be managed, small is beautiful, and exponential growth is unwise. It may be even more difficult to promote socially beneficial strategies in a world that worships at the altar of capitalism, free markets, unbridled competition and unfettered worldwide free trade. The ideology of sustainability is not yet an accepted tenet among the elites of the global economic community. Nonetheless, there is much that can be accomplished to restore the earth, and preserve ecosystems within the prevailing framework of the dominant economic system, without waiting for impending cataclysm to subvert the logic of the dominant worldview. Neither must we wait for environmental education to raise awareness to a level sufficient to influence policy on a macro scale.