Director/Coordinator of Religious Education Handbook

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Zielinski, Marise
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
Excellence in Catholic religious education has a long tradition in our country. It is a fairly recent reality that a significantly greater number of Catholic children are now receiving their religious education through parish catechetical programs. This reality has intensified the demand that parish programs offer excellence in faith education. To assist the Director/Coordinator of Religious Education (hereinafter referred to as DRE/CRE) of the Rockford Diocese in this demand a DRE/CRE Handbook has been developed. The Directors/Coordinators of Religious Education have been asking for guidelines, directives and suggestions to assist them in their parish position. The purpose of the handbook is to gather in a convenient format guidelines and resources for the DREs/CREs. It gives those who are responsible for planning and carrying out programs a common source of information to assist them.