Music Therapy Private Practice: Design and Development

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Myers, Laura
Master of Arts in Music Therapy
Music therapists have many career options, one of which is working as a private practice music therapist. In preparation to open a private practice, the music therapist should develop a detailed business plan. This business plan will serve as the foundation of the business and allow the therapist to shape. The purpose of this project is to illustrate to music therapists the steps required to develop a business plan, the formulation of the business plan and a professional review of the business plan. To complete this process, the author had to attain in-depth personal and professional reflection; after which the author completed the business plan. This plan detailed the executive summary of the business, a current market analysis, the product and services, organization and management of the business. financial projections for a three-year period, and a marketing plan for the business. Once the business plan was completed, it was reviewed by a small business professional who works within the author's county of residence. The review of the business plan revealed that the author needed to define terms and acronyms. more clearly define the business' geographical area, and use O proper business terminology throughout. The author discovered that the private practice has a firm foundation with the completed business plan. Many other tasks. however, must be completed before starting a private practice.