Open Studio Art Therapy: A Participatory Study

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Ourso, Leah Kennett
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
Open studio art therapy is an emerging tradition in the field of art therapy, and has grown in reputation as an option for art therapists looking to meet the needs of clients in a nonclinical setting (Manchester, 2014). Open studio art therapy is centered on an intentional, art-based art therapy practice (Moon, 2002). This qualitative, participatory study examined the emotional effects of open studio art therapy based the analysis of interviews, artwork, and the researcher’s observations of the participants involved (Creswell, 2014). Participants were selected from attendees who volunteered to be a part of the study within the six-week period. They included both men and women and ranged in age from 15 – 50. Themes, which came up during this research included positive benefits and changes in the emotional state that participants experienced during open studio art therapy. These results could help validate the open studio art therapy approach as an effective and valuable method for a diverse group of individuals in the field of art therapy.