Art in the Corporate Workplace: Understanding the Benefit of Art Therapy to Promote Self-Care and Reduce Stress in Corporate Wellness Programs

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Weitkamp, Tracy
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
Providing a foundation for the inclusion of art in corporate wellness programs to address selfcare and stress reduction, this study presented data regarding the use of wellness programs in the corporate setting, highlighted benefits of art therapy on stress reduction, and evaluated the stress experienced by corporate employees. Considering their current stress levels, self-care practices, and use of art to decrease stress, participants from two corporate companies completed an online survey using both quantitative and free response questions. Results indicated that that 88.88% of participants experienced average to very high levels of work-related stress, 21.95% reported participation in self-care practices at work often to extremely often, and 58.82% had ever used art to decrease stress. The data paired with the presented literature supports a need for the inclusion of art therapy in existing wellness programs as well as a need for future research on the specific benefits of such inclusion.