Global Leadership Traits: The Emerging Passport to Future Business Strategy

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Sanders, Bridgette D.
Master of Leadership Development
The purpose of this study is to identify those leadership traits that are crucial for developing the emerging global leader and to determine how factors such as technology, globalization and geographical context play a part in defining those traits. This leader is important because he is at the helm of emerging business all over the world. In essence, the collective traits this leader possesses will be considered the "passport" to future business strategy. The rapid speed of technology and globalization has drastically altered how business is performed and markets are created. Those leaders, who intend to have success in this shrinking world, must possess the traits that will allow them to do so. In addition, this research examines how the geographical context of these traits plays a role in leadership from a cross-cultural perspective by considering cultural factors of major countries such as: China, India, Greece, Spain, United States, Africa, South Korea, Japan and Germany, in order to see what the global leader looks like in those countries. These countries all have myriad economic, geographical and political factors that provide global impact important to research. Finally, this study will provide a cross-sectional review and analysis of the current literature and research in this field.