No ILL Will: Cross-Training to Smooth Interlibrary Loan Workflows

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Tryon, Rusty
Interlibrary Loan departments are often run by solo operators, don’t have full coverage, or are facing staff shortages. Furthermore, ILL processes can be somewhat opaque to those employed in other library departments, making it difficult to assist users with ILL issues or questions. One solution to these common issues is to cross-train non-ILL employees. This presentation will provide an overview for non-ILL practitioners on the basics of interlibrary loan services, including standard processes and systems. Presenters will also share their experiences cross-training non-ILL employees, the tools and methods used, and discuss the benefits of cross-training. Whether you’re new to ILL and looking to learn more about the service or an experienced ILL practitioner pondering how to bring others into your ILL workflows, this session has something for you. Note: Presentation at the 2022 Northwest Interlibrary Loan & Resource Sharing Conference, September 8, 2022.