The Seamless Universe: A Discovery Guide Through Our Great Heritage

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Gibbs, Donna
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
The Seamless Universe is written for children. It synthesizes the findings of modern scientists, the reflections of eco-philosophers, and the insights of our great spiritual prophets. The book helps the reader connect with the Universe, developing an Earth-self that allows for an intimacy with the natural world that is especially pertinent for Westernized societies who often operate from a detached, object-oriented and dualistic Earth-human relationship. A brief narrative describes twenty-eight drawings depicting the fundamental shifts in Universal history. In addition the reader is offered connecting encounters with nature called “Experience It.” A child can grow with this book, returning to it year after year. Each milestone in the story, like an icon, provides a symbolic anchor to attach new discoveries as the child’s experiences with Earth build. Cultural historian Thomas Berry and mathematical cosmologist Brian Swimme write and speak extensively to the adult community regarding the importance of the Universe Story. However, Albert Einstein points out that we cannot solve problems within the same consciousness in which they were created. I hope the integration of the Universe story in the various telling styles, this book being one small way, will evoke the new consciousness needed to solve Earth’s human-created problems.