Child Care in Kankakee

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Somers, Norma
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
The prioress general and the general council of the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois are the members of a corporation entitled the Cardinal Stritch Home; as such they constitute the board of directors. The purpose of the corporation, as delineated in its bylaws, is to "establish, maintain, support and conduct the Alfred Fortin Villa in Bourbonnais, Illinois, a welfare institution for children." Originally the home was established as an orphanage according to the terms of the will of Alfred Fortin; of recent years it has been a daycare and learning center for preschool children. Among the duties of the board of directors is to annually review and approve the administrator’s report which includes the budget and the current financial reports. For many years the ministry of the Villa was financially sustained from the income off the investments from a trust created by the will of Alfred Fortin and from other charitable bequests.