Catholic Social Teaching: Foundations and Content

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Stewart, G. Robert
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
What I propose to do is to create a resource document, accompanied by a bibliography, which provides an outline and summary of Catholic social teaching, and which can be used by those who work with adult groups: RCIA programs, adult religious education, justice and peace committees. Of course, the material can be utilized by other adult groups in the parish or the diocese and by individuals who are sufficiently self-disciplined to study on their own. The ultimate goal of the presentation is to assist adult members of the Catholic Church in perceiving the relationship between religion and politics, liberation and salvation, faith and praxis, liturgy and justice. To accomplish what I consider the ultimate goal, reading what follows will not satisfy anyone wanting more than a superficial understanding of the subject, reading the actual Church documents that present the Church's social doctrine is a "conditio sine qua non" for those who hunger for the "bread" that will satisfy. If what is presented in the following encourages people to read the actual documents then I will consider myself sufficiently rewarded for my efforts.