Nno, an African Experience: Immigration Through the Lens of Theological Refection

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Robinson, Stephen
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
Spurred by a desire to incorporate, understand, and act upon the needs of its African faithful, the parish community of Saint Mary will embark on a six month program titled “Nno” (a Nigerian Ibo word for welcome). Many of members of the Saint Mary’s Nigerian community are from southern Nigeria and speak Ibo (alternate spelling Igdo). It is the experience of this parish that African Catholics possess a deep sense of spirituality. All liturgies and communal functions will be designed to draw on this intuitive power. Another consideration will be the economic resources needed to implement any programs. Two economic dynamics are present in most African immigrant groups. First, they come from a missionary environment under which all the costs are borne by the missionaries. Second, many are supporting both their families here in the United States as well as family members in their native country. The parish community of Saint Mary, therefore, will provide all program costs.