Entrenched in the Call Center Epidemic: A Comprehensive Hiring, Training, and Retention Program for the NCAA Eligibility Center Call Center

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Hilger, Jessi
Master of Leadership Development
I set out on the journey of creating a hiring, training, and retention program for the NCAA Eligibility Center Call Center (hereafter known as EC Call Center) because when I was hired as a Call Center Assistant in September 2007, I had no prior customer service background, especially as it is applicable in a call center environment, and was hired based on my prior experience of service; a year and a half later I joke, although there is truth to the joke, that if the EC Call Center had proper hiring techniques in place, I would not have been hired. Working in a call center requires certain predisposed attributes of the potential employee that have been proven to make the prospective candidate more apt to succeed in the unique call center environment, but these skills alone will not guarantee the success of a person in a call center position: through primary research, supported by secondary data, I have been able to create best hiring practices based on pinpointing the needed characteristics of applicants, a training program influenced by the findings of top call centers and researchers, ideas for maximizing retention produced from surveys administered to the EC Call Center employees and supported by secondary research findings aimed at decreasing employee turnover and increasing customer satisfaction, and recommendations to improve and sustain the EC Call Center.