Encourage One Another and Build One Another Up: Prayer and Spirituality component of Program for Parish Ministry offered by the Institute of Lay Formation, Diocese of Sacramento, CA

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Gregg, Colleen
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
The number of laity entering the field of ministry is ever increasing. While the decline in ordained and religious vocations is partially responsible for this trend, it is the spirit of Vatican II that continues to become a reality as the laity come to understand what it means to be church. This changing demand of the People of God and the complex challenges of living in modern society has resulted in the need for programs that educate and prepare the laity for various pastoral leadership roles within their faith communities. So even while most lay women and men hold full-time jobs in various professions, they also feel a heightened responsibility to become more active and connected adults by integrating their faith values into all aspects of personal and public life. My pastoral project involves facilitating the “Prayer and Spirituality” component of such a program. It is one of the areas of “Doctrinal Content” that is included in the PROGRAM FOR PARISH MINISTRY offered by the INSTITUTE OF LAY FORMATION in the Diocese of Sacramento, California. The PROGRAM FOR PARISH MINISTRY is the second year of a two-year program that prepares the lay apostolate for leadership roles within parishes. The “Prayer and Spirituality” portion of the program is part of a day-long series which emphasizes “praying with a small group” as the personal and pastoral skill to be developed. The program began in August 2001 and ends with a retreat in December 2002. The dates scheduled for the “Prayer and Spirituality” component are November 2 and 16, 2002.