How Are Women Empowered In the Church and as Church Today? A Retreat for Women

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Walch, Barbara
Walch, Barbara
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
The idea of this retreat project for women was the result of much research and many discussions with a variety of women both from my parish of St. Madeleine Sophie in Guilderland, New York and from my workplace. The result of these discussions was the development of a retreat for women that took place apart from their usual routines, their home environment, and yet more than an evening or two of prayer in their local parish. | consequently offered two retreat weekends for women during July 2004 at my home in Weston, Vermont, located within 10 minutes of the Weston Benedictine Priory. The women who participated in the two weekends, ages 40-80 years, came from various lifestyles and religious traditions. All but one were working in or retired from professional careers. One woman, who came to the retreat with her mother, had serious disabilities.