Looking for a Balance in High School Religious Education

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Ribordy, Chad
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
An early Christian mystic once responded to a question his disciples inquired of him as he was preparing to leave for an extended solitary retreat in the desert. “Whence shall we say you've gone if they ask for you in the marketplace,” they questioned him. He responded, “Tell them that | have gone out on an adventure of love.” As our Campus Ministry class began last school year, | think we all could have used this mystic’s response if they had asked us where we were going. We were going on an adventure of love, striking out in new territory, having a plan but not quite knowing where we would end up, taking incredible risks along the way. | do not wish to be overdramatic here, but | think that those ten students had a good deal of courage to take this class. And so before | proceed any further | acknowledge them and express my deepest gratitude for their willingness to risk and grow. | extend to them a big Chamorro thank-you: “Dankalo na si Yuus Ma’ase!” | have divided up this presentation into four sections. Section one presents the original proposal as submitted at the beginning of the 1991-92 school year; section two reflects on some of the major theological and pastoral themes which occurred throughout the year; section three evaluates the specific goals and programs of the class; and section four is a brief, final comment on the project.