Photographs of the Past and Present To Preserve the Future

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Pruitt, Robin Lynn Buchholz
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
My project goal was to create a visual interpretation of harmful and unjust systems as well as comparative positive moral and ethical practices. The photo impressions will be captioned for the reader and will relate to the connected writings. My objectives are as follows: First, and foremost, I would like to encourage action toward the promotion of change. I have come to realize through this course of study that people do not start out with “blinders on”. They are acquired. We are all born curious. If we are allowed to have hands on experiences and are not hampered along the course, we give way to creativity. Many adults forget what it was like to be young and they therefore become old before their time. Those who look straight ahead never see anything except for where they are and a dim glimpse of the future will soon become a pile of dust. Although they may have monetary gain, they will have accomplished nothing of true and lasting value. Those who hold onto “the vision” or in my case, “regain the vision” they once had for the world, are open or have been reborn to new ideas and possibilities. We will become part of the cure, living on forever through others whose lives we have touched by being a catalyst for change. Second, I want to show some of the social and cultural connections related to the pros and cons. For instance, many are against the killing of any living thing. My family considers hunting as part of our American heritage. Therefore, responsible, hunting techniques are a large part of my makeup and the value system that has been instilled in me. Farm families have other value systems ingrained in them, as do those from other areas such as an inner city. We are different because of nurture, but are the same as a part of mankind. Third, I want the reader to gain a full understanding of the part greed and power plays in all areas of abuse of the earth and her people. In my years investigating elder abuse, I saw very few cases that did not concern money in some way, shape, or form. People were willfully deprived of everyday needs and medicines so their funds could be used for personal gain by the abuser. Money is definitely at the root of much of the evil and injustice placed on our earth today. Unfortunately, this seems also to be historically true. Our challenge is to somehow relieve future generations from being caught up in the same trap.