Business Plan for Harney Communications and Consulting (Harney C2)

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Harney, Rick
Master of Leadership Development
Harney communications is a small family run business that began in 2006 with minimal capital. The company's primary business is generated by the United States Government with most jobs currently at the Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth Texas. The ownership of the company failed to start out by creating a business plan which has hurt the company in that they did not have a good goal in how much income needed to be generated to keep the business operating. A business plan is especially important in this current economic situation. This business plan is built for the current economic situation to help ensure the company not only stays in business but also continues to prosper. As the company continues to primarily do business with the government in the Dallas/Fort Worth area at the Joint Reserve Base, it will be important to take advantage of winning government contracts and to also venture outside conducting business with the Department of Defense and begin to win contracts in the private sector. With the Department of Defense reducing its budget as the military has pulled out of the Iraq conflict and has begun withdrawing troops from Afghanistan the budget for military bases around the country will begin to decline. Because of this the company will continue with little capital and will restructure the business to take advantage of the government awarding bids to preferred companies. The company's majority ownership will be held by a female disabled veteran who will allow the company to become a preferred small business and should allow the company to be awarded more jobs. The company will also begin to bid jobs in the private sector to generate more income for the jobs that will be lost due to the budget cuts in the Department of Defense. Another important aspect of this plan is for the company to develop and begin an advertising plan. Currently the company's only advertising is by word of mouth. This type of advertising works well with the current construct of conducting most of the business with the government at the Joint Reserve Base but it does not help to advertise the company in the private sector. A robust advertising plan will be instrumental for the company to venture into the private sector.