Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy: An After-School Program Proposal for the Local Youth

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Purdy, Morgyn
Master of Leadership Development
The Academy of the Sacred Heart is located in Grand Coteau, LA, which is a very small rural town in southern Louisiana. The Academy of the Sacred Heart houses an equestrian program that is part of the curriculum for the girls Academy and this program has shown many positive results for the children that participate. An equine facilitated psychotherapy program incorporates all the aspects of animal assisted therapy while providing an experiential experience for the clients. This results in many positive benefits for both the professionals and the clients. An after-school equine facilitated psychotherapy program would provide many positive benefits for local children who are suffering with anything from problems at home to social interaction problems to behavioral problems at schools. The Academy of the Sacred Heart Equestrian Center would provide the foundation for this program to begin within the local community.