Organic Meals: A Teaching Tool for Ecospirituality Workshops

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Cleary, Anita
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
Over the last twelve years I have noticed a pattern in the planning of ecospirituality workshops. Consistently, there is a great effort to provide quality presenters and comfortable accommodations in a central location at a reasonable price. Many times the meal planning consists of a simple request that there be vegetarian options available at each meal. Sometimes the quality of the meals, both the meat entrée and the vegetarian, are excellent, though many times this is not so. On several occasions I have left a presentation where the benefits of organic food had been promoted, only to sit down to a meal that was prepared from a processed frozen entrée containing genetically modified foods as well as high levels of sodium, sugar and fat. This is in contradiction to the messages of the speakers, as well as an unhealthy option for both individuals and Earth. The serving of meals from food that is locally and organically grown is a teaching tool for ecospirituality workshops. It provides the opportunity to demonstrate the feasibility of providing this style of meals for groups, as well as to interact with group participants through short teaching reflections on the historical background of the food, the explanation of the importance of supporting our local farmers, and the health values of consuming more vegetarian meals for individuals and Earth.