The Faith Dimensions of Work: Explored by a Maryknoll Affiliate

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Hudzik, Richard
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
| embarked on the project with the expectation that | would find an answer (yes, singular noun!) to the meaning of work and how it can be reconciled with my understanding of who God is. To prepare for this project and to develop the materials which would lead you through to the same answer | had found, | commenced a program of reading about work and the holiness of the ordinary. As | proceeded further into the topic, clarity was at an everreceding horizon. Ultimately, | was faced with the practical need to conclude my coursework and put down on paper what | had come to learn. | never found the answer. Instead, | found a view of the problem of faith and work which was as manifold as there are men and women of faith who seek to know God. After having struggled mightily for many months, these few pages emerged. | am most grateful to you for the opportunity to have shared them with you.