Music Educators’ Feelings of Preparedness Toward Teaching Students with Disabilities

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Shatters, Sondra
Master of Arts in Music Therapy
The purpose of the present study was to determine if music educators felt prepared to teach students with disabilities and if they desired additional training or resources pertaining to inclusion. The participants were 50 music educators in a suburb of a major Midwest city in which 29 participants (58%) responded. The overall study was based on the following two research questions: 1) Do music educators feel prepared to teach students with disabilities? and 2) Do music educators desire additional resources and training pertaining to teaching students with disabilities? Surveys were distributed via email. Survey questions focused on: (a) educational background, (b) feelings of preparedness to teach students with disabilities, and (c) willingness to seek additional training experiences. Results from this study showed that 10.3% of music educators that responded felt very prepared to teach students with disabilities in the music classrooms and 13.8% felt prepared to adapt methods and materials to meet the needs of students with disabilities. Over 80% of the participants indicated they desired additional training and/or resources regarding students with disabilities.