A Mixed Methods Study Exploring the Use of Positive Centered-Art Therapy for Anxiety and Depression in Survivors of Cancer

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Daniels, Rhonda
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
This heuristic study included Positive Centered-Art Therapy (PC-AT). PC-AT involved positive reflections along with creating positive subject matters. Positivity included prayer, faith, and religious subject matters while recognizing that challenges exist. The heuristic study was completed to determine the experiences of PC-AT on symptoms of anxiety and depression in an adult survivor of cancer. Also, a quantitative nonexperiential study was conducted using a survey to determine reported levels of anxiety and depression in elderly survivors of cancer and to determine to what degree participants were interested in PC-AT. Overarching themes for the heuristic study included (a) reduced anxiety, (b) reduced depression, (c) experiencing God’s power and glory, (d) experiences in art, (e) relationships, and (f) using PC-AT to help with the challenges of African Americans. The quantitative study revealed a great percentage of participants with various levels of anxiety and depression were interested in PC-AT. They were also interested in PC-AT which incorporated faith and religion. PC-AT may be beneficial to other populations who are stressed such as those impacted by racism.