Not for Profit Board Member Training

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Chandler, Sarah
Master of Leadership Development
According to the articles of incorporation that are required within all not-for-profits, the board of directors is held responsible for all aspects of the organization. These boards are held liable for all aspects of the organization they sign on the represent, and if these boards are not fulfilling their duties the organization will suffer. For these board of directors to properly complete the oversight necessary to abide by the articles of incorporation, they must all be trained in a cohesive and precise manner. This research addressed board member effectiveness, governance, accountability, and fiduciary aspects of the training necessary to build well-rounded boards of directors. Based on the results from the pre-survey distributed to area not-for-profit board members, the results found through scholarly articles, journal reviews and other data within the literature review, a -not-for-profit board member training was needed and was created. This training will answer the question of, “Will adequate board training, increase member effectiveness?”