A New Vision of Education: Montessori Cosmic Education as a Key to Earth Literacy

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Jasinski, Kathryn
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
These two crises of education and the environment are bound together. Truly, to have a worldview that promotes sustainable living, we need to reach and impact humans when they are children and have sensibilities that allow them to incorporate Earth valuing cosmic views and relationships. "Education of children can provide opportunities and keys necessary to live Earth Literacy.” Using Montessori philosophy and curriculum, we have the opportunity, as educators, to reach students at | an early age and offer possibilities they can use and develop as they grow into a relationship with the Earth. Children require time to be kids, time to absorb nature's beauty and form a bond with the Earth, if they are to flourish and ultimately become responsible members of the web of life. We have an opportunity in education to make a transition to an alternative and better process and to implement a new vision of education.