The Green Leaves Café — A New Business Proposal

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DeLong, Melissa
Master of Leadership Development
This is a business proposal to open a café in downtown Terre Haute, IN that offers healthy alternatives to the many fast food choices in the area. The downtown Terre Haute area is currently undergoing a revitalization effort in which small businesses are starting to return to the area. The downtown area is appealing for this concept because of the central location, the proximity to Indiana State University and professional businesses. The Green Leaves Café will be a locally owned small business that specializes in soups, sandwiches and salads that are made from ingredients that are mostly locally grown and produced. The atmosphere will be warm and relaxing with a committed focus to creating an experience that will keep the customers coming back again and again. The menu items will consist of real food choices that are both nutritious and delicious. In order to run a restaurant successfully, there is a great deal of planning that needs to occur in terms of staffing, training and SOP’s. It also requires a complete understanding of state health codes and food regulations. If these areas of the business are managed well, then the odds of success are greatly improved. The market analysis looks at the closest competitors for The Green Leaves Café. This information is used to find ways in which you can make your business stand apart from the competitors. Another important part of this analysis is the SWOT analysis in which the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are analyzed. The marketing strategy looks at unique marketing ideas which can be used to locate the target population segment. One of the most important things to consider before opening a business is the financial investment it will require. In addition to the initial start-up costs, you also need a budget and a financial plan that includes sales projections, labor costs and a break-even analysis.