Chicao Jazz Philharmonic Department of Education Investing in Innovation Fund (i3) CFDA Number 84.411C Development Grant

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Otto, Lynette J.
Master of Leadership Development
The Department of Education's Investing in Innovation Fund (i3) established under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is providing competitive grants to eligible organizations with a record of improving student achievement and retention using innovative practices. The Chicago Jazz Philharmonic in conjunction with the Chicago Public Schools is such an organization. Since its inception, the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic's Jazz Alive program has had a 100% success rate for students advancing from eighth grade to ninth grade. This is a spectacular accomplishment when measured against one participating schools previous record of a 40% dropout rate between eighth and ninth grade. Currently, over 1,000 fourth through eighth grade students receive music education through a program titled "Jazz Alive." Unfortunately, there are thousands of student who cannot experience the benefits of a structured music program due to the lack of resources needed to replicate the Jazz Alive model in their schools. The Chicago Jazz Philharmonic will be applying for a Development grant which is designed to support high-potential and relatively untested programs such as Jazz Alive whose results appear to be successful and repeatable but need further study on a wider platform.