An Alternative Leadership Perspective: Analyzing the Headwinds and Tailwinds for Women Leaders in Finance and Accounting

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Kuhlman, Shelby
Graduate Certificate in Women's Leadership
Significant progress has been made in women’s rights and equality since Abigail Adams compelled her husband to “Remember the Ladies”. The former first lady joins a voluminous list of other trailblazers in the fight for women’s rights and equality. Some glass ceilings have been shattered; however, many still exist for women. These obstacles and barriers are constructed and reinforced by the deeply ingrained stereotypes and misconceptions of women, women leaders, and diversity. Where does the finance and accounting industry stand when it comes to gender and equality? To answer this question, this poster analyzes the headwinds women face in this field, gathers insights from personality tests and talent DNA, and reviews the opportunities for men and women to create a conducive environment for all. While many organizations have adopted diversity and inclusion efforts, achieving diversity in an organization is no longer the challenge creating parity at all levels must be the goal to generate tailwinds in the advancement for women.