Using Mandalas to Enhance Spiritual Connection in Women with Substance Dependence

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Ziert, Linda
Ziert, Linda
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
The quasi-experimental research study investigated the use of mandalas to enhance the spirituality component in recovery from substance abuse. Carl Jung (as cited in Diaz, 1992) asserted the creation of a mandala serves as a healing process in which the individual is reflected amongst the divine. The investigator provided a series of three mandala art directives to clients in the experimental group with the intent of increasing connection to a Higher Power, improving self-worth, and increasing recovery perceptions. In addition, participants were given an educational tool to encourage the use of creative spiritual practices. The investigator utilized pre and post-questionnaire data to determine the impact of creating mandalas. Findings of the study indicated relevance in combining the spirituality component with art therapy to assist women in addictions treatment in connecting with a Higher Power, increasing self-worth, and encouraging the use of Creative Spiritual Practices.