WrenSong: Rekindling an Authentic, Modern, Native Spirituality

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Roberts, Sharon
Master of Arts in Earth Literacy
WrenSong is an adult religious educational program designed to foster a reawakening of an innate eco-spirituality in the participant. The emphasis is on experiences that allow the seeker to become more aware of the natural world, of the seasons and of deep time. Through exploration, meditation, shared and individual experiences, WrenSong helps seekers develop a sense of kinship with the world around them. The WrenSong program is intended to provide a framework for the development of an eco-spirituality grounded in the local place and its seasons. It is a year-long program that includes group walks, field trips, communal meals and gatherings to share experiences and insights. As the program proceeds through the year, it is hoped that not only will each participant develop a richer connection with nature and the world around us, but that a community of such individuals will develop, flourish, and continue the exploration and sharing. The program described in this thesis provides a calendar, types of activities, guidelines and tips for developing the program, but ultimately it is a flexible framework so that small groups of seekers can design the program to suit their resources and community.