Business Plan for Country Place Living

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Young, Lisa
Master of Leadership Development
The number of senior citizens in the United States is on the brink of a 20 to 30 year explosion as baby boomers retire and live longer than ever. This age group more than any generation before them want to be independence and self-sufficient for as long as they can. Athens is a rural community overlooked by developers of suitable housing options. In 2005, Athens identified a need for senior housing — a need that eight years later is no closer to reality than it was when it was identified. This oversight coupled with the upcoming growth in senior population is our opportunity to establish a legacy for the seniors living in the Athens area by creating a twenty-first century assisted living facility. Although the goal is to fill a need and establish a legacy, a twenty unit apartment facility, built in two phases, has the potential to earn significant income for the investor owners of the business. The first phase will produce an eight percent return within three years and when all twenty apartments are filled this will increase the revenue even more impacting the bottom line. Review this business plan and see for yourself what this could mean for the community and you.