Truth and Love: The Message of the Pro-Life Movement

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Kominkiewicz, John
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
Roughly one quarter of all American pregnancies end with an aborted life (USCCB Publication no. 5-714). How can I, in a positive manner, deal with this evil and offense to God in my ministry? I propose to assemble a general pro-life presentation to be offered to 7" and 8" grade students in the 2009-2010 academic year or later. Generally, this age group is where the first stirrings of curiosity about creating life could be matched with the physical ability to begin reproductive activity. This segment of children at this age are exposed to endless and pervasive images (i.e., through the internet, motion pictures, and consumer product advertising) of the sensationalizing of sex without being aware of the moral, theological, societal, or even the medical aspects of that activity. Hands-on learning begins to flourish at this stage; therefore, realistic physical and scale models seem to interest this age group and may influence Citron counteract) the multiple electronic images they experience. I therefore chose this and a similar rationale to begin to construct this educational mission to bring the truth about abortion and other pro-life issues to junior high students before the lies and the twisted logic of the secular world influence them.