IM4REAL: Relationship, Environment, Action, Love

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Larsen, Amy
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
The IM4REAL program is based on four pillars developed by Fr. Carl Beavers, pastor at Holy Spirit Catholic Community in Rock Springs, WY. He has been a priest in the Diocese of Cheyenne for over 40 years, contributing his gifts and talents to programming, buildings and finances. The idea for these four pillars came to him over the last few years as a way to encourage the young people to have better tools to create the future that God has planned for them. He developed the four pillars to be positive statements (unlike the negative messages the youth constantly receive) beginning with “I”, so when the youth read the statements they take ownership of what they are saying. These “I” statements are purposeful in making the youth recognize that they are responsible for their actions and their choices. They are intended to be an individual, internal reflection focused on their personal growth. The pillars were constructed to develop the individual so that they can bring their whole selves into the world. The four pillars are: | am forever, | am my future, | make a difference and | belong. Each of the four pillars also includes statements which help to further develop the pillar.