Mary: An Ecumenical Bridge

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Toubl, Nancy
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
The topic of my paper is ecumenical, as is my project. It takes piace within the First United Methodist Church in Beloit, Wisconsin. My paper talks about how I taught a group of fifteen elderly United Methodists what Roman Catholics believe about the Virgin Mary. As I taught them about Mary, I too learned more about her, and how important she is to me. When I taught them about why Mary has always been a part of my life, I learned of the things in their religion that had made an impression on their lives. Together we learned to understand what made the other's faith experiences give meaning to our lives. My project proved to me again and again, that the brick and mortar, dogmas, doctrines and disciplines which separate us as Christians can be bridged with a little kindness, understanding and education. Who better to begin the work of ecumenism than Mary, who is the model of unconditional love and true discipleship.