Mary and the Rosary: Reflections on the Journey to Jesus with Mary

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Doyle Brodien, Mary
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
Promoting devotion to Mary is essential. So many people do not know her. Others misunderstand her and what it means to honor her. Still others have lost the connection they once had with her. Reflecting on Mary with RCIA proved to be an ideal setting for a project that addressed this pastoral need. The theological reflections offered participants an opportunity to voice misconceptions about her. We talked about our thoughts on Mary, where they originated, and if they were valid. We then reflected on Mary from what we know about her from Scripture, Church teachings, cultural information, and personal experience. This process prompted other theological questions as well. The group was eager to contemplate concept after concept. Each topic on Mary led to a deeper discussion on Jesus’ divinity and humanity, the parallels between the Old and New Testaments, and the great mysteries of our faith that we reflect upon during the rosary. The experience was a wonderful example of how in searching for the real Mary we cannot help but find the glory and love of God.