Building on Strengths: An Art Therapy Program for an Acquired Brain Injury Survivor

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Klingenberg, Anita
Master of Arts in Art Therapy
This single case study evaluated an individualized art therapy program for an acquired brain injury survivor by building on his personal pre-and post-injury profile, strengths, skills, experiences and memories. An inclusive and holistic approach to the art therapy intervention contributed to him reaching his optimum ability and quality of life. Building on his pre-and post-injury profile helped recognize and affirm personal strengths, leading to a renewed sense of self-identity. Exploring components of the Expressive Therapies Continuum within this personal framework improved neurological and cognitive functioning, and enhanced emotional and creative expression. Using art and craft materials furthermore increased motor skills and physiological functioning. This eight-week art therapy program culminated in a personalized art memory workbook consisting of images of the art therapy directives and processes to further strengthen memory. The program laid the foundation for lifelong art and craft making, continually building on rediscovered and newly gained interests and abilities.