Excellence in Memory Care

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Arney, Kevin
Arney, Penny
Master of Healthcare Administration
The focus of this paper will be on excellence in memory care and research, that supports the idea of providing continuous stimuli, to a person afflicted with Alzheimer's, can gift them with a quality of life that they would otherwise lose, at a much more rapid rate. Research has shown through specific room design, including colors, lighting and sounds, an Alzheimer's patient, will stay more engaged, for longer periods of time, in their surroundings. As the aging population grows and diagnosis of Alzheimer's becomes more prevalent, additional memory care facilities will be needed. This paper will also focus on the goal to open an adult day care, for those with Alzheimer's that will continue the practice of excellence in memory care, found at Abe's Garden, Alzheimer's and Memory Care Center of Excellence, in Nashville, Tennessee.